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   Company Presentation

Pre. Mec. operates in Lombardore, next to Turin, and has been founded in 1979.
Pre. Mec is a company ISO9001/2000 since 1998.
His Workshop, has work centers and modern numerical  machines, which allow Pre.Mec the whole control of the production and a natural competitiveness. Pre.Mec is present in several fields such as:

1)Producer of systems for the wiredrawing and the coating of copper conductors.
The technological innovation developed in these systems has created a competitive and international product.
2)The experience of the company in the mechanics of precision has allowed Pre.Mec to become one of the main supplier of the most important Italian Company in the Confectionary Industry, well-known for her severe selection of her supplier. This selection is based on technical capacity, quality and flexibility to satisfy programs sometimes very exigent.
Today this Company is one the main important customer of Pre.Mec, and the systems built exclusively for her, are installed in the European and American Plants.

3)Pre. Mec designs and builds lines and machinery for the Food Industry, specifically for the Oven food products such as biscuits, cracker and rusks.  
Pre.Mec. invested in a selected and professional team, well-known in the sector – thanks to this group, Pre.Mec could introduce the automation of the oven products.
The food machinery field transports and manages the product: from the exit of the oven to the packaging station.

Pre.Mec projects and builds all the machinery for the transport, the handling and the forming of slugs on-edge and on stack. The investment made in this sector has brought very soon many results. In short time, Pre.Mec introduced some lines in several Plants, one very important and exclusive for the rusks.

Vat Code:  02541180010 Tel: +39 011 995 64 83   Fax: +39 011 995 66 76   Via del Boschetto, 2/21   10040 - Lombardore (TO) ITALY