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   Coating of copper wire



After 20 years of experience as producer of lines for the coating of copper wires, in January 2003 Pre. Mec. has founded a partnership with a company . Pre.Mec manufactures and assembles , ovens and  winding machines for the coated wires.

Thanks both to his ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and his mechanical production of precision, Pre.Mec build for a  Leader in the copper wire industry, all made in Italy. His product is very estimated all over the world: Germany, Spain, France, Russia, India, Middle East Countries and Pacific Rim.








Vat Code:  02541180010 Tel: +39 011 995 64 83   Fax: +39 011 995 66 76   Via del Boschetto, 2/21   10040 - Lombardore (TO) ITALY