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Stack.Mec.® stacking loader

These stacking loaders are ideal for all dry baked products with a sufficiently regular shape that need to be packaged in stacked formats.

The Stack.Mec.® stacking loader developed by PreMec is designed to offer a high level of operating reliability in production contexts where maintenance teams do not necessarily include electronics experts.

In fact, the loader is completely mechanical, which represents a useful return to the past in which a mechanical drive has been designed with highly innovative criteria and the expert use of the best components on the market. In line with the PreMec mission, all the design elements are constructed in a workshop equipped with work centres that can perform all the various kinds of machining required for machines destined for the food industry.

Operating principles

In general, the product, previously placed on its side by feeder lines, also designed and constructed by PreMec, is moved into one of the vertical loader magazines and then fed out at the bottom and onto the synchronised packaging machine chain.

The number of magazines or channels on the Stack.Mec.® stacking loader depends on the set up of the system and the number of packaging machines needed to satisfy the requested production load. Given the high extraction speeds that can be reached (up to 400 extractions/min), the loader generally consists of an appropriate number of channels. The one shown in the photograph features three channels and is suited to a maximum production level of 400 packs in stacks of 5 per minute.


Synchronisation with the packaging machine chain can be achieved mechanically (with a power take-off from the packaging machine) or with an independent motor connected to the packer by an electrical shaft. Thanks to the special design of the extraction units, the extractor’s contact with the product is extremely delicate and the high speeds of the loader are achieved by the subsequent acceleration created by the cams without damaging the product in the least.

Another fundamental element for the operation of the Stack.Mec.® assembly is the front contrast. To facilitate access for cleaning or removing eventual broken pieces, the contrast can be raised and adjusted using a handle to correct variations in product height during the production process.


Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF

Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF
Power consumption 1,8 kW
Extractions/min 400
Chain height between 800 and 900 mm
Feed channels height 2200 x 5200 x 1650
Number of channels from 2 to 6
Overall dimensions HxWxD (3 channels) 1500 x 1200 x 780
Weight (3 channels) 280 kg


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