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Other processes and services

Our 40 years of experience has provided us with the know-how required to produce high-precision mechanics for different industrial sectors, including:

  1. automotive: gauges and moulds
  2. aerospace: anechoic chambers and arms for radar testing
  3. pharmaceutical: packaging
  4. coated copper wire: coated copper wire production systems

We are specialised in revamping systems and maintenance services. We can update and modernise your existing systems thanks to our revamping solutions:

  • Mechanical
  • Electromechanical
  • PLC and WMS software
  • Safety
  • EC certification

We can make both mechanical and electrical alterations or replacements and even substitute PLC and WMS software. We can also redesign supervision software so it can satisfy new requirements. The EC marking is a delicate issue and it is always best to avoid the problems that missing or inadequate certification can cause. This is why we can inspect and correct your systems to ensure they comply with EC standards.

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