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Vol.Mec.® biscuit loader

The Vol.Mec.® biscuit loader is the modern updated version of classic gravimetric and volumetric loaders that have been used for years to feed doses of dry products (like biscuits of all kinds, crackers and rusks), positioned on their sides, onto packaging machine chains.

The great design capacity and the deep experience of the working team who developed this system, has contributed to realise a better working, a bigger reliability, accessibility and aesthetics compared to the features of the old generations machines. Great care has been dedicated to all mechanical parts, which according to the pre.mec. policy are produced directly here by their work-shop.

The electronic control has been designed with an interface operator with touch screen, which is simpler and
intuitive. This system has diagnostic functions to identify and to correct all types of failures and to install the functioning parameters related to different product’s shape.

Operating principles

The product, previously placed on its side by the feeder line, also designed and constructed by PreMec, is moved towards a mobile table housing the loader channels and where the doses are formed according to the dimensions set. When the doses are complete, the channels table tips over and releases the doses onto the synchronised packaging machine chain.

To reduce the impact of the drop and ensure the doses land on the chain in perfect condition, the support table can become mobile so it accompanies the dose onto the chain.


The dose forming and mobile table tipping movements are operated by axis-control servomotors.

The timing of all the main and auxiliary parts (dose forming bar, mobile channel table, independently driven brakes, independently driven channel safety barriers, mobile sliding table on chain, and curved last biscuit holder guide) can be adjusted using the operator interface and fixed during machine set up.

The number of channels on the edge.mec. Loader depends on the set up of the system and the number of packaging machines needed to satisfy the requested production load. The loader speed depends on the size of the product and the length of the dose, and can reach up to 25 cycles per minute. This number multiplied by the channels indicates the number of doses per minute released towards the packaging machine.


Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF

Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF
Power consumption 1,8 kW
Cycles max 15
Chain height between 800 and 900 mm
Feed channels height c.a 1500 mm
Number of channels up to 14
Overall dimensions HxWxD (3 channels) 1500 x 1200 x 780
Weight (7 channels) 280 Kg


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