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Linear.Mec.® slice spreader

Slice distributors or slice spreading machines are used in rusk production systems to arrange lines of bread slices over the oven toasting mesh.

The Linear.Mec.® slice spreader is a smart evolution of the machines available on today’s market and incorporates all our design team’s vast experience in this particular sector. The machine combines the use of advanced electronic technologies with a precise mechanical construction in which all the design elements have been constructed in-house and in compliance with consolidated PreMec practice that ensures full production control and quality guaranteed by its ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The geometrically perfect layout of the slices over the mesh avoids production waste and significantly facilitates the downstream automation of rusk collection and processing through to the packaging department, another area that the company is heavily engaged in.

Operating principles

The loaves exiting the slicing machine are loaded onto two infeed belts and transferred to a chain conveyor fitted with trays for holding the loaves. This process is continuous until all the trays destined for the spreader magazine have been filled.

At this point in the work cycle, a series of upper combs transfer the loaves at 90° into a magazine until the required volume is reached. At the other end of the magazine, a roller with pushing rods extracts a slice from each of the product rows until a complete line of slices is laid out across the width of the oven.

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The forward movement of the product towards the extraction roller is accompanied by a lower comb at a speed controlled by the pressure that is measured precisely on the Linear.Mec.® slice spreader roller by load cells. The machine can handle a wide range of format changes, but they need to be carefully studied in order to optimise the space taken by the slices on the mesh and other parameters.

The main movements (infeed belts, tray conveyor, upper and lower pushing combs, slicing roller rotation) are all servo-assisted with brushless drives and axis control.

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Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF

Technical Features

Download pdf
Download Technical Sheet in PDF
Power consumption 9 kW
Extractions/min 90
Infeed height 210 mm + mesh height
Overall dimensions (Height x Width mm) 2150 x 5400
Depth (for 3000 mm oven mesh) 2600
Weight 4200 Kg


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